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Content Management Systems

Some common categories of Website Content Management Systems

InterBinary is a website and Internet services company based in Glasgow, Scotland. We have a long track record in providing website Content Management Systems and solutions to our customers who are mainly based in Scotland, but also throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.
We have expertise in a wide range of Content Management Systems. This list gives an overview of some of the different types.

Hosted Service Content Management System
("SaaS - Software-as-a-Service")

This type of Content Management System requires no software installation and no hardware provision (web servers). Instead the service is "rented" from a service provider. Access is generally via a standard web browser.
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Proprietary Content Management System

These commercial systems range in scope from Enterprise-level fully functional systems to smaller more basic systems. In all cases a license fee is payable to the software vendor and the software is installed on your own or rented web servers, possibly with additional service and support costs. The website build involves technical experts with specific product knowledge.
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Open Source Content Management System

Like the proprietary Content Management System offerings, these require installation on a web server, but without payment of a license fee. Depending on the system and your preferences, there may be support fees payable. The website build involves technical experts with specific product knowledge.
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Custom/Bespoke Content Management System

This can also range in scope from the most basic custom-written Content Management System for a small website, to a very bespoke enterprise-level system to meet specific customer requirements. The resultant system can then be hosted on the customer's own web servers, a "standard" web hosting package from a service provider, or by the software developers as part of the package. The website build for these requires specific expert knowledge of the chosen web technologies, as well as very detailed requirements capture with the customer.
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"Remote Functionality" Content Management System

This type of Content Management System is often quite limited in functionality. Your website is hosted in one place and the functions to manage the website content are accessed at another place. Put simply, the service is rented, you access the functions on the service provider's web server and the content is remoteley acquired, updated and returned to your website hosting server. Access is typically via a standard web browser.
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